Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Hot & Sexy Pictures of VJ Franda

Being a VJ is a famous accident which is very exciting for VJ Franda. The current position allows him to be able to meet many people, including men-men who stacked section. But strange, Franda is very much like the man who does not have the athletic body postures.

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Stephanus Efranda or now better known by the name of VJ Franda one is fresher eyes as VJ (Video Jockey) in the various events on the music channel MTV. VJ Franda always appear with a cheerful nature before we see the clip-clip impression that music was now the middle. But, even he felt grogi, confident and not strange when you first must be dealing with the camera as he looks more fat colored with a chubby. Moreover, while interviewing musicians must-renowned musicians who create it and add grogi confused. And now, women born in Malang tiny, 8 February this world are feeling now turn upside down because he is interviewed.


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